William Brant Presents:


The Super-Ultra-Mega-Supreme, Canít Live Without, Summer Traffic Blow Out Sale!


   O.k. maybe thatís a little extreme, but I am having a limited time sale.  Many members have asked about getting larger credit packages, or have asked if I would give a discount for a yearlong subscription.


  The answer has always been yes, and I have worked with members individually to satisfy their advertising needs. I realized though that there may be others out there that want these same savings. It is only fair to at least let everyone know that a special deal can be made. We might not be able to help everyone


   But to let everyone know, if you have any special needs for your business and are ever wandering if we can help, ask us and we can work with you.  With that being said lets continue..


  For those that want a year long subscription, hereís your chance at a very limited offer to get one and more, but before we go on lets take a look at what a years subscription would give you.


                        Pro membership benefits include :


A 1:1 surf ratio 

 500 credits a month, but for this subscription you get 12 months worth all at once thatís 6000 credits we normally sell 1,000 credits for $11 so thatís a $66 value. 

5000 banner credits a month, but for this subscription you get 12 months worth all at once thatís 60,000 credits we normally sell 10,000 credits for $11 so thatís a $66 value.

30% commissions for direct referral upgrades and purchases.

Random Referrals.

Earn credits from ten levels of referrals.



Sorry I am getting off track, you already know the benefits pro membership gives you. You also already know that it costs $11.97 a month for those benefits. So for a year subscription it will cost $143.64. 


 Sound good? For those that donít see that as much of  a deal, I donít blame you. Shouldnít you get a discount since you are subscribing for the year? I think so as well, so what if we knock a couple of months off and charge for 10 months and still give you 12?  How does that sound?


  Well if you took me up on the one time offer when you joined that probably doesnít sound very good, you would end up only paying $95.64 for an entire year. Well that sounds like a much better deal to me, but what if we take two months off of that price too.


    Do you agree that $79 is a great price for an entire year of pro membership?  If so I think we have a deal. The only problem is though that if too many people take me up on this offer could bog down the system with too many credits. Remember you are getting 6000 credits when you order.


   I am going to have to limit this offer to the first 50 members that would like to purchase the year long upgrade.  After that I will have to take this down for a while.

Maybe even for good.


    If you would like to purchase a year subscription now is your chance while they last.




Sorry This offer is no longer Available